Since we have now finished our first full week back at school and after school activities I feel like we are back into our everyday routine again. I miss the summer holidays already!

This summer my husband and I decided to not go away, but just to stay home and really enjoy the summer with the girls. Without a doubt, this was the most enjoyable summer that we have ever had as a family 🙂

We took time to do all of the things that we have always wanted to do but never seem to have the time to do. We made a bucket list of all of the activities that we wanted to do and surprisingly we did them all.

From Tinkertown, the Zoo, Morden Corn & Apple Festival, The Forks, celebrating our oldest daughter’s 7th Birthday and many more adventures, we had a summer to remember 🙂 If anyone ever says that Manitoba is a boring place to visit, we have a huge list of fun activities for you to do while you are here!

Here are some pics that we took of our adventures over the summer.